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From original music artist Lille Røde 

           in response to a growing epidemic of mismanaged politics, misguided social interaction and misogyny...


The Boys Club

... offers the discerning, some light relief.


And if current political and social landscapes leave many of us feeling powerless, we can at least be sure that.


 The Sun Will Rise


           Join music/performance artist Lille Rode as she picks her way through the undergrowth...

Lille Røde Next Gig
Come see us open for gothic rock band, Melodi on the Bristol leg of her UK tour at the Thunderbolt in Bristol.
12 Mar 2020, 19:30 – 23:30
Thunderbolt Bristol,
124 Bath Rd, Totterdown, Bristol BS4 3ED, UK

The Music Shop

Hi, here's where you can purchase the music.​  Thank you in advance for any such purchases.

I know there's a lot of competition for your hard earned cash and I truly appreciate if you decide to spend it here.

Lille x


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Following a career in British film, television, theatre and music, a still young enough woman wanted to pursue her childhood dream to live and work in Los Angeles.
So, that's what she did. She took her basket of wears, left everything famliar behind and set off into the woods.
The USA was a HUGE culture shock and she soon
 realized life was no fairy story, even in Hollywood.
So many wolves lurking in so many guises, in the food and politics, in religion and law enforcement, in all kinds of relationships, even on FaceBook! ...and the ones who are meant to protect us...DON'T!

The world around her felt increasingly difficult to relate to and it seemed she had misread the signs and misread the stories from her youth promising a hopeful, happy future. So she turned to MisRed and together they created the perfect vehicle... Lille Røde. As a fan of Nordic Noir and having once married a Scandinavian, Lille Røde, the Danish for Little Red seemed a pertinent guise for hunting down wolves without getting arrested. 


Lille Røde writes for a lost generation, brought up on Doris Day, Judy Garland, Streisand, ET and Back to The Future. And hopes to warn the current generation!


The years since 1972 have been no picnic:

The cold war, AIDS, drugs, the IRA, Iraq, Thatcher, Yuppies, Bush MK1, WOMD's, more Tories, Iraq again, Bush MK2, the Kardashians, terroists everywhere, ISIS, the dreaded and dreadful Trump, Love Island and a total lack of any eligible princes (thank you Megan).


Yes, Lille had once thought the addition of a prince/man in her life could only help make things more meaningful and sensible! 

Anyway, tooled up and fully loaded with self penned songs and videos, Lille takes up her basket and ventures into the woods to fight the wolf (alone). The process is quite cathartic, more fun than therapy and a tiny bit cheaper.

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